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        The structure of the fan-coil rubber joint is the same as that of the screw-thread rubber joint.The sphere part is composed of inner glue, outer glue and reinforcing glue, and the two ends are combined by inner thread joint and outer thread joint.Because the structure of the fan-coil rubber joint is similar to that of the wire-thread rubber joint, the manufacturing method is somewhat the same.Firstly, the inner layer of glue is wrapped on the hair culture machine, and then the reinforcing glue is used to wrap one layer at a time, which can greatly increase the compressive strength of the product. Then the outer layer of glue is used to completely wrap the whole surface of the hair embryo, which can increase the comprehensive performance of the product.Then the vulcanization is carried out, and finally the two ends of the thread are added to the ball.
      Fan-coil rubber joint has excellent sound absorption and isolation function, can effectively reduce and eliminate the boiler, fan and other systems sound and vibration transmission.The weak transmission loss of the fan rubber joint reduces the design procedure and no additional auxiliary facilities are needed.Fan rubber joints and insulation materials with high heat resistance and corrosion resistance, never rust, reduce maintenance costs.The rubber joint of the fan has excellent air tightness and smoothness, which can ensure that the conveying medium has no leakage and reverts to its original state after repeated displacement.


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